About Us

NayaPusta is a mainstream news and current affairs programme that is specifically geared towards younger viewers. It aims to educate and inform children in the 8-to-16 age group, so that they are effectively prepared to understand and take part in public debate in their society. These children are the future leaders and drivers of our society. They need to develop the life skills required to effectively handle any situation that crosses their path. How well they can function in a changing society depends on the extent to which they can develop their young minds, satisfy their information needs and explore their interests. For this reason, contextual information plays an important role when it comes to helping children to understand the world around them and to develop their personality and interpersonal skills. This will allow them to make the best possible use of their civil and political rights, the democratic system, an increasingly interconnected world and their day-to-day environment.

At present, the local situation in Nepal is not particularly encouraging in this context. There is a severe lack of dedicated materials and resources for nurturing children’s insight into current affairs or developing their analytical skills. Unfortunately, nearly all news content in Nepal is developed by adults, for adults and presented from a grownup’s point of view. There are no current affairs programmes that specifically target children. Kids are basically an ‘ignored audience’ in the country’s mainstream media. For this new generation, the flood of information channelled through the mainstream media is confusing and difficult to follow, and any form of analysis is discouraged due to the use of language and perspectives that are alien to younger viewers.

The Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) strives to address this need through its programme NayaPusta. NayaPusta receives financial and technical support from the Netherlands-based non-governmental organisation Free Press Unlimited.

Over 300 editions of NayaPusta

All in all, the team has produced over 320 episode NayaPusta. The 5 minutes news show for kids is broadcast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:45 pm on Avenues TV and 8 pm on NTV Plus.

Besides being shown on NTV Plus, NayaPusta is also regularly broadcast by 11 regional television stations across Nepal. NEFEJ feeds the programme via its FTP server to the following local TV stations: Himshikhar-Damak; Arena TV-Itahari; Makalu-Biratnagar; Team TV-Hetauda; BESO TV-Chitawan; Lumbini TV-Butawal; Worldview (cable) Network-Sunaul; Vision TV-Nepalgunj; TV Trisuli-Nuwakot; Arniko TV-Banepa; Dibya Darshan TV-Dhading.

In addition, NayaPusta is also broadcast by two Nepali television stations based outside the country – Nepali TV in the UK and White Himal TV in the US.

NEFEJ also produce a radio version of NayaPusta, which is broadcast by Radio Sagarmatha in Kathmandu and 56 FM radio stations –from the eastern Jhapa District to the Darchula district in the far west of the country.

NayaPusta has already covered a range of issues in its series, including children’s rights issues, but also the hopes of its young viewers, their aspirations, their understanding of the political situation in Nepal and many other topics. For more information about the programme, visit www.nayapusta.org or become a friend of NayaPusta on its Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nayapusta.nefej. You can also watch or listen to previous broadcasts via this site.

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Without your support, there would be no NayaPusta. To support us, all you need to do is watch our programme, give us any feedback you may have, suggest issues that we could focus on, tell us about children who are doing well in their lives, invite us to contribute to programmes relating to the children of Nepal or tell us about a child’s happiness, sorrow, joy, aspirations, hope or future. To support us, all you need to do is be a friend.

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