Training provided to stringers/reporters

A training was organized by NEFEJ in Radio Sagarmatha Hall on 5th and 6th January with the participation of 20 journalists from different media houses around the country to facilitate them to make reports about children and climate change issues for the NayaPusta Program. NayaPusta Program produces news contents for children.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Rajesh Ghimire (Editor in Chief, NayaPusta), Mr. Ramesh Bhushal (General Secretary, NEFEJ), Mr. Purushottam Ghimire (Expert Cameraperson), Ms. Kalpana Bhandari (Mediaperson and Member/NEFEJ) and Mr. Chandra Majhi (Cameraperson). Mr. Rajesh Ghimire gave a presentation highlighting the basics for reporting news related to children. He also shared some tips and tricks with the fellow journalists that would help them while making reports. Likewise, Mr. Ramesh Bhushal focused his presentation on various ongoing environmental issues such as global warming and climate change so that the journalists would become more familiar with these terms and would therefore be able to report about these issues and their impacts upon children.

Afterwards, Mr. Purushottam Ghimire taught various techniques regarding the handling of cameras. He shared various rules and techniques which should be used while making video reports. Similarly, Ms. Kalpana Bhandari shared her experiences about reporting on TV and how visuals have a very important role while making video reports. Mr. Chandra Majhi taught some technical skills while using the FTP to send their reports.

The two day training ended with a few words from Mr. Rabindra Raj Pandey (Director, Audio Visual Department) who further gave an insight into the various details of the program. Furthermore, he ended the program by distributing certificates among all the participants.

The training has proved to be very fruitful as we have now been receiving more reports from various parts of the country. We also feel very proud to say that we have already aired some of them and are preparing to broadcast the other reports in the near future.